Becoming an Electrician in Indianapolis IN

If you want to make a career out of your love for electricity, becoming an electrician in Indianapolis IN may be the right choice for you. This career offers excellent job security, as many contractors nationwide are looking for skilled tradesmen.

To become an electrician, you need to gain hands-on work experience, as well as classroom training. You can get the required experience through technical schools and apprenticeship programs.

Electrical Contractor

An electrician can install, inspect and repair your home’s wiring and lighting. They may also recommend upgrades to improve your power consumption and energy savings.

If you’re considering hiring an electrical contractor, choose one who offers a warranty or guarantee on parts and labor. This will save you money in the long run and help you avoid costly surprises down the road.

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The company also provides free estimates and a 24/7 emergency electrical service. They have over 40 years of experience in both commercial and residential electrical services. Their estimator uses a proprietary software to provide you with a customized estimate. They also have a full-service team of highly trained electricians. They are experts in commercial, industrial, institutional and healthcare electric needs.

Journeyman Electrician

An electrician is a licensed professional who works on electrical systems in buildings and homes. Typically, they are journeyman or master electricians who have completed the required apprenticeships and met their state’s or local government’s licensing requirements.

The qualifications to become a journeyman electrician in Indianapolis IN include completing an electrical training program, working under a master electrician, and passing an electrician exam. Several local electrical trade unions offer apprentice programs.

For example, the IBEW Local 531 offers apprenticeships that meet federal standards. In addition, the Indianapolis Electrical Joint Apprenticeship Training Center (IEJATC) also offers training.

In Allen County, an apprentice must work for four years under a master electrician and complete 8,000 hours of hands-on apprenticeship time to qualify to take the journeyman electrician license test. Masters and journeymen have different responsibilities. A master is responsible for managing apprentices and journeymen, while a journeyman is more experienced and can do independent work.

Master Electrician

An electrician can offer a variety of services to help keep your home safe and functional. Licensed electricians can also provide advice on how to fix existing problems. Some will charge a minimum fee for inspections and consultations to determine the extent of the issue before you call them out.

Master electricians may specialize in advanced work like laying out wiring systems and installing equipment according to electrical codes. They can also supervise journeyman electricians and pull work permits for projects.

Indiana offers three levels of licenses: apprentice, journeyman, and master. All of them require a combination of classroom training, on-the-job experience, and testing.

Indianapolis requires a completed application, a notarized employer letter documenting six years of electrical trade experience, three signed customer reference letters, a photocopy of your driver’s license, and a photocopy of all educational records or licenses you hold.

The process to get a residential electrician license in Indianapolis takes about four to six years, depending on how quickly you complete your education and training. It includes 6,000 to 8,000 hours of work experience, 150 hours per year of classroom, vocational, or technical school training, and passing the journeyman electrician exam.

License Requirements

The Electrical Trade is one of the most stable and rewarding skilled trades in Indiana. With the state’s Department of Workforce Development expecting a 14.6 percent increase in electrician jobs during the ten years leading up to 2024, now is an ideal time to start training and become licensed.

During your apprenticeship, you will get the classroom education and hands-on experience you need. You can earn a residential or journeyman license after four years of on-the-job training, with 8,000 hours of experience total.

When you earn a residential or journeyman license, it is important to follow your municipality’s renewal requirements. Some counties require a yearly renewal, while others require it every three years.

Once you’ve earned a residential or journeyman electrician license, you can take the master electrician exam to upgrade your certification. This exam is usually a multiple-choice, three to four hour test that features 80 to 100 questions and is open-book. Upon successful completion of this exam, you can apply to become a master electrician in Indianapolis.