Protect Your Investment With Proper Pest Control in Pearland TX

When you own a home, pests can cause damage to your property and health problems. Protecting your investment starts with a thorough pest control service from an experienced Pearland exterminator.

Your Pearland Orkin Pro will use a scientifically-based approach to eliminate pests from your home. They’ll implement a customized solution for your specific pest problem.


Earwigs aren’t very common pests indoors, but they can become a problem when they do move inside. They’re attracted to moist conditions and like dark, damp areas.

The best way to control them is by reducing their habitat outdoors and preventing them from moving in in the first place. Eliminate things that attract them to your property such as leaky pipes, clogged gutters and overwatered gardens.

They’re also attracted to light so try to reduce the amount of lighting around your home. In addition, reduce the humidity in your house and eliminate areas that are damp or cold.

If you do get an earwig infestation, contact the experts at Terminix for pest control in Pearland TX. Our experts will provide you with the best treatment to eliminate these pests from your home. Call today! We look forward to helping you rid your home of these unwanted insects.


Silverfish are a nuisance pest that can cause damage to papers, wallpaper and books. They are also known to attack fabric items such as clothing and linens.

Silverfish prefer starchy materials and will feed on paper products, glues, rolled oats and flour. They are nocturnal and can be found in moist, humid areas such as basements and bathrooms.

Their flat bodies make them adept hiders and they are quite speedy when moving around, making it difficult to spot them without a flashlight or a magnifying glass.

The first step to controlling a silverfish infestation is reducing their food sources by storing dry goods such as cereal, pasta and pet foods in airtight containers. Vacuum carpets, floors and upholstery regularly to remove crumbs that might attract these bugs.


Rodents are mammals with oversized front teeth that are used for gnawing. They are a common pest in Pearland TX and their presence can cause serious damage to your home or business.

They can also carry disease pathogens that can be harmful to your health. Rodent exclusion is an effective method of pest control that seals off all entry points and eliminates conditions that attract rodents to your property.

Most species of rodents are herbivores that eat vegetation, but some are omnivores like rats and mice. They consume a variety of food items, including seeds, fruits, grain-based foods, and meat.

Some species are vectors or reservoirs for disease, such as plague and tularemia. Rats and mice spread these diseases to humans when they ingest infected food or saliva.

Bed Bugs

Throughout Pearland, Texas, pests invade homes in search of shelter, food, and water. They can cause property damage and bring disease to residents, which is why you should call a qualified pest control company for help.

Bed Bugs, like all pests, are notoriously difficult to get rid of without professional help. They hide in tiny spaces and cracks, making them challenging to eliminate.

The only way to truly eliminate them is to hire a Pearland bed bug exterminator. These professionals have the tools and experience to get the job done right, including treating all areas of your home that may be infested.

Unlike other pests, bed bugs can survive temperatures that are higher than freezing (such as those accomplished by commercial freeze devices). They are also wingless, which allows them to move up and over obstacles easily. These are all reasons why it is important to call a Pearland bed bug exterminator as soon as possible after you notice signs of a problem.